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National Biodiversity Week launched - free events every day!

This morning we launched Biodiversity Week 2023 which will happen from 19th–28th May this year.

National Biodiversity Week offers something for everyone to go wild and have fun connecting with nature in their local area. I’d like to encourage everyone to check out the website and see what’s going on locally, get involved in one of the hundreds of free events and learn about the work being done by organisations around the country to protect and conserve our natural world. I’d also like to congratulate the many groups participating in Biodiversity Week and the huge work done by the Irish Environmental Network to coordinate an excellent programme in celebration of nature

National Biodiversity Week also presents an opportunity for the public to learn more about the organisations working in their local area to reverse biodiversity loss and conserve nature. The Local Biodiversity Action Fund was doubled to €3 million this year to assist local biodiversity activities.

There is a huge selection of events running nationwide throughout the week. All of the events are free, including activities taking place in Carlow Kilkenny. A guided 'Nature Paddle' will happen on the River Nore on May 21st with Botanist Roger Goodwillie, and a 24 hour 'Bioblitz' will run at Kilkenny Castle across May 26th and 27th.

Also on May 27th in Carlow join Aoife O’Rourke and Feidhlim Harty from An Taisce’s Legacy4LIFE Ponds for Biodiversity programme for a talk about pond management and monitoring for wildlife, followed by light refreshments and a practical look at some of the amazing aquatic life ponds are home to.

Log on to the website, and search the large range of events on the calendar by county to see what is happening in your area.


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