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Rivers & the Marine

Too many of our freshwater and marine ecosystems are degraded, polluted and over-exploited. Here, I set out some of my national priorities for rivers and the marine under the Programme for Government, along with additional initiatives I'm progressing under this portfolio. Recent news updates are listed below.

Set out to achieve 30% Marine Protected Areas in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy

Set out a new plan period for the River Basin Management Plan

Seek resources to have in place a catchment liaison officer on all major river catchments

Develop a heritage fisheries project in Waterford Estuary

Work with colleagues across Government to establish ‘Citizen Science’ programmes to monitor water quality in our rivers and streams

Make progress on a Marine National Park

Conduct a feasibility study for a marine education centre in Duncannon Fort

Support a pilot nature based catchment flood management scheme on a selected river catchment

Establish the craft of wooden boat building within a National Centre for Traditional Building skills

Work with the farming community to establish a network of protected riparian zones through farms particularly in intensive farming regions

See the full list of Programme for Government

commitments on rivers and the marine here (page 70).

Recent rivers & marine news:

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