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Electoral Reform

The rules governing Ireland's elections are out of date and need to be revised for the 21st Century. Here, I set out my top priorities for electoral reform under the Programme for Government, along with additional initiatives I'm progressing under this portfolio. Follow me on social media for updates or contact me directly for details on the progress I'm making.

Establish an Electoral Commission to provide independent oversight, public information, maintain the register and conduct elections

Modernise the Electoral Register towards an online, rolling system with pre-registration for young people

Introduce legislation to hold electoral events in Covid-19, or other such emergencies

Progress the four referenda as outlined in the Programme for Government 'Our Shared Future'

Task the Electoral Commission with examining the use of posters at elections and referendums

Regulate the use of online political advertising

Reform and consolidate the Ethics in Public Office legislation

Review electoral laws and political conduct in Ireland to ensure that donations and resources from non-citizens outside the State are not being used to influence our elections and political process

Work collaboratively to ensure that there is greater diversity and gender balance at all levels of Irish politics

Establish a fund to support political and electoral research 

See the full list of Programme for Government

commitments on electoral reform here (page 120).

Recent electoral reform news:

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