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Nature & Wildlife

I am deeply committed to creating a lasting, positive legacy for natural heritage in Ireland. In Budget 2021, I increased our National Parks and Wildlife Service's funding by 80%. This was an important first step, but there is much more to do to address the biodiversity emergency. Here, I set out my top priorities for nature and wildlife under the Programme for Government, along with additional initiatives I'm progressing under this portfolio. Follow me on social media for updates or contact me directly for details on the progress I'm making.

Significantly increase funding for the National Parks and Wildlife Service

Review the remit, status and funding of the National Parks and Wildlife Service

Develop a new National Biodiversity Action Plan, in line with EU and global ambitions for nature

Review the protection and enforcement of natural heritage legislation in the context of the biodiversity emergency

Support the Citizens' Assembly on Biodiversity, along the lines of the Assembly on Climate Change

Increase the number of county Biodiversity Officers and work with Local Authorities to embed biodiversity in their work

Ensure that Ireland benefits from a well-resourced national centre for biodiversity data collection and management

Develop a new National Invasive Species Management Plan to tackle important conservation challenges

Appoint Educational Liaison Officers in our National Parks to support public awareness of these amazing places

Establish a Business & Biodiversity Platform to advance private sector engagement with conservation

See the full list of Programme for Government

commitments on natural heritage here (page 40).

Recent nature news:


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