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Built Heritage & Monuments

Our built heritage connects our past, present and future, and should be accessible to all. In Budget 2021, I increased funding for heritage by 51%, but there is much more to do. Here, I set out my top priorities for built heritage and national monuments under the Programme for Government, along with additional initiatives I'm progressing under this portfolio. Follow me on social media for updates or contact me directly for details on the progress I'm making.

Publish the all-of-Government heritage policy - Heritage Ireland 2030 - and begin its nationwide implementation

Enhance the network of Heritage Officers and increase the resources available for heritage in Local Authorities

Bring a new National Monuments Act to Government

Ensure that heritage-led regeneration is core to Town Centres First policy

Build on community-led schemes to provide grant aid to protect and maintain historic buildings

Establish a National Traditional Building Skills Centre, to focus on apprenticeships in heritage and craft skills disciplines

Publish a National Architecture Policy

Work with the Department of the Environment towards the eco-retrofit of heritage building stock 

Implement the Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan for Built and Archaeological Heritage

Integrate spaces for nature into new builds and the conservation and/or restoration of existing buildings

See the full list of Programme for Government

commitments on built heritage here (page 90).

Recent built heritage news:

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