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Vote on one-way system in Kilkenny City attended by Minister Noonan

I sat in the public gallery of the 'Corpo' Council chamber for the first time in eighteen years today. It was strange but nice to be back in this special place; such a pity it's going to be developed and changed so drastically.

The special meeting was convened to consider the future of the temporary one way system. A show of hands vote on a proposal by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael members to leave the one way system but change the flow and add new parking spaces and some other measures was passed five votes to two. A really odd decision as people had gotten used to the current scheme but it seemed to be some kind of compromise reached just before the meeting.

Aspirations towards cycling and walking and on the other hand proposing to increase car parking in the town centre are completely at odds with each other.

It was revealed that it would be two to three years before a mobility plan for the city would be prepared; that's just way too long.

The traffic figures presented today really showed how ineffective the Central Access Scheme has been in reducing car dependency and how a completed ring road would really transform options towards cycling, walking and public transport in the urban centre and environs.

It was nice to be back in the town hall again. Members had a difficult decision to make today and many more ahead if they are to create a more vibrant, climate resilient town centre that is safe for cycling and walking and for people of all ages and abilities.


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