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Protecting our peatlands - community groups to share €290,000 funding

5th July 2023

The opening of a new boardwalk at Ballylin bog in Ferbane, Co. Offaly.

There's great news today for 24 community groups around the country who will share a total of €290,000 of funding for projects that help conserve and revitalise raised and blanket bogs - particularly protected bogs and fens - under the Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme.

Led by our National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme encourages local initiatives and projects which promote public engagement with our natural heritage and environment, through improved access, education, or conservation work. The scheme primarily supports community-led projects and volunteer groups, who play a vital role in promoting and implementing peatland conservation and restoration in Ireland.

The geographic spread of our funded projects so far in 2023 spans Galway, Westmeath, Kildare, Longford, Offaly, Kerry, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth, Tipperary, Limerick, Laois, Cork, Donegal and Dublin, and I'm delighted to see the diversity and innovation of the projects approved this year, which include:

  • The development and maintenance of bog walking trails

  • Conducting surveys to inform peatland restoration management plans

  • Art installations

  • Public outreach, such as the production of information booklets, brochures and training manuals, awareness and education days, education programmes and hosting of seminars with expert speakers.

  • Invasive species training and management

I always stress that communities play a vital role in the mission of our NPWS to protect nature, and this scheme is a perfect example of funding that supports the efforts of local communities and empowers volunteers who wish to act as custodians of our natural heritage.

Our peatlands are places of serenity and a wonderful showcase of what nature has to offer, hosting a huge variety of plants and supporting animals and rare species who have adapted to life in the bogs.

Ireland's bogs, fens and peatlands are also places that epitomise community spirit, and I am delighted to be able to continue to support community organisations and others in their efforts to protect nature and support local biodiversity.

This is just Round One of 2023's €500k fund, so if you're involved in a community project working to promote greater engagement with and understanding of this important element of our natural heritage, find out more about the scheme here or visit


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