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Over €250,000 funding awarded for Built Heritage projects in Carlow and Kilkenny

Funded projects include thatching and roof repairs, historic glass conservation, and joinery

Today I had the pleasure of announcing that 556 heritage projects across every county in the country will benefit from a total of €4.5m under this year’s Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS). Within that, I'm delighted that a total of €57,822 has been awarded to projects in Carlow, while €194,040 has been awarded to projects in Kilkenny.

Built Heritage has always been one of my top priorities and now, as Minister for Heritage, I oversee two key built heritage funding schemes that are designed to help the owners of heritage structures to preserve and maintain their structure, and in turn to support the skills and crafts needed to do this.

It’s an undertaking that I know requires significant time, care, expertise and investment, and my Department is recognising this with significantly increased investment in 2023. Across both funding schemes, for built heritage and historic structures, we're supporting this work to the tune of €9 million this year – an increase of 12.5% on 2022.

Ireland’s towns and villages were built around a uniquely Irish vernacular that over many decades has supported the traditional craftsmanship needed to maintain it. We’re in danger of letting that vernacular slip away, and that’s why it’s vitally important that, as a government, we support people to protect our built heritage and to keep traditional crafts alive.

The Built Heritage Investment Scheme is hugely impactful in this regard, and as these funded projects begin to take shape, this funding will deliver thousands of hours of professional craft skills, many of which are based in rural communities.

Well done to all the successful applicants for this year's fund. I look forward to seeing this important built heritage conservation work taking place across both counties over the coming year!


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