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NPWS Review update: Action Plan and independent report are now complete - Minister Noonan

A message from Minister Malcolm Noonan:

"I'm delighted to tell you that my Strategic Action Plan for the future of the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the independent review that underpins it is now complete.
I’d like to thank the thousands of stakeholders who took the time to share their perspectives through the public consultation - not least the people who know the organisation best, the staff of the NPWS.
I’d also like to thank and commend the authors - former Secretary General Gerry Kearney, Professor Jane Stout and Dr Micheal O Cinneide - for their hard work and deep commitment to this vitally important project.
They have produced a complex and transformative piece of work that deserves due consideration. Right now, I’m working through it with Minister Darragh O’Brien and our colleagues across Government.
Meanwhile, senior officials in my Department are engaging with colleagues in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, and also consulting with the wider NPWS team, who will be at the forefront of this renewal.
My Action Plan and the underpinning independent review will be brought to Cabinet as soon as possible and, subject to approval there, will be published on the Department’s website, along with the submissions from the public consultation.
I’m confident that the implementation of my Action Plan, with its ambitious timelines, will ensure the bright future that we all want to see for the National Parks and Wildlife Service.


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