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Mayor appeals for Kilkenny Cricket Ground

The need for dedicated grounds for Kilkenny’s fastest growing sport has been put to Kilkenny Co Council’s parks staff by Mayor Malcolm Noonan. Cricket is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages in Kilkenny and was once played widely throughout the county. Mayor Noonan feels that Kilkenny needs a cricket ground where the City Cricket Club of Kilkenny can call home and invite visiting teams to play.

At present the club have been using the CBS primary school playing fields. Recent signings to the club have come from Kilkenny, Tyrone and Lancashire and have other nationalities such as the Bangladeshi community.

‘With the success of the national team and the tradition of the game in County Kilkenny I think the time is right for cricket to have a home here in the city. It’s a relatively inexpensive sport for young people to get involved in and a grounds would not represent a significant cost to the Council if an appropriate site can be found’ said Mayor Noonan.

Mayor Noonan has asked the Parks Section of Kilkenny County Council and the Kilkenny Electoral Area Committee to identify a suitable site for a grounds.

‘This is a simple, healthy sport for all ages and I would be hopeful that we can find a home for Kilkenny cricket in the city’ he concluded.


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