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Kilkenny Traveler Pride 2022 launched by Minister Noonan

I was delighted to have launched Traveller Pride in Kilkenny Castle today. Traveller pride is an important event to highlight and celebrate Traveller culture. There is no doubt but that we would have lost huge volumes of Irish music and song were it not for the oral tradition of Travelling people. It’s important too because we need to foster a new understanding and appreciation of this culture and use this to help address the deep inequalities that exist for Travellers in Ireland today. In education, health, mental health, access to employment, justice, we see outcomes for Travellers as very poor. Last year I funded an intercultural heritage officer for the Heritage Council to work with Traveller, Roma, and other ethnic minorities to help celebrate and document their cultures and histories. I commend all at Kilkenny Traveller Community Movement and the OPW at Kilkenny Castle for making this day possible.


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