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Heritage Ireland 2030 launched by Minister Noonan

Today I launched with my Governmental colleagues Heritage Ireland 2030 - a plan that represents a major step forward for structured engagement around heritage. The actions in this strategy reflect the huge challenges facing Ireland’s heritage, particularly for nature and biodiversity loss. We have ambitious programmes underway in the area of peatland rehabilitation and nature recovery and the framework set out in this strategy, along with the structured delivery model, will bring cohesion to our efforts, including consultation with the Northern Ireland Executive on areas we might approach on an all-island basis.

We were heartened over the past two years to see people access our national parks, monuments, nature reserves and historic properties during public health restrictions, and know that this has strengthened people’s appreciation of our heritage. It is more important than ever that our heritage is protected, conserved and restored to ensure that the people of Ireland continue to benefit from the value and well-being that it provides.


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