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New guidelines for upgrading traditional buildings

February 1st, 2024

Last week, I launched the new guidance for improving energy efficiency in traditional buildings. This will help more people upgrade their homes, and address vacancy in our towns and cities as it enables disused or underused buildings to be brought back into use.

 The document contains practical advice for on how to make the right decisions when undertaking retrofitting works while protecting the building’s heritage value. While it is primarily aimed at installers of retrofit projects, it will also assist owners, occupiers or custodians of pre-1940s buildings - both residential and non-residential – who want to make that property warmer and more comfortable, and reduce their energy bills. In addition, we can also reduce the energy use of these buildings which is an important step in meeting our climate targets.

Bringing disused and underused buildings back to life will be crucial to the regeneration of our towns, cities and countryside. The continued existence of traditional buildings as the backdrop to our everyday lives plays a key role in our cultural heritage, our identity and sense of place.


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