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Check the Electoral Register today!

25 July 2023

As Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, today I am calling on all electors and potential electors to engage with the latest Check the Register campaign.

The campaign launching today aims to encourage everyone, including those already registered to vote, to go to and either confirm or update their details.

Local authorities around the country are gearing up to update the electoral register and further improve its accuracy over the summer months but they can’t do it on their own.

In a year when there is a referendum promised and less than 12 months before we have local and European elections, I am encouraging everyone to act now to ensure their information is correct through Even if we’re already on the register, we all have a part to play and we can do this by checking and either confirming or updating our information. Adding details including date of birth and PPSN allows local authorities to cross-check and confirm the information provided by each person, adding to the integrity of the process. Those in the Dublin region can also use

Using the Check the Register website we can also let local authorities know about other changes needed, for example in relation to family members who are deceased and still on the register. I think we all know that it can be upsetting for a loved one to receive a polling card for someone no longer with us. I hope that the simplicity of the process will see significant numbers of people confirming or updating their information.

This campaign is part of the first phase of commencement of the Electoral Reform Act 2022 which will help to ensure that our democracy is supported by robust electoral structures including a more accurate electoral register. Another new measure I am particularly pleased about now enables 16 and 17 year olds to pre-register to a pending electors list and be automatically added to the register when they turn 18.

It has never been easier or quicker for people to register to vote or update their details, or simply let the local authority know that their details are current and correct by adding their PPSN and date of birth, so that’s what we’re encouraging everyone to do today.

This is the easy way to secure your say - your voice matters, and your vote is important!


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