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Another €6m for walking and cycling in Carlow and Kilkenny

Great news for Carlow and Kilkenny! The NTA announced yesterday that the two counties will receive €6m funding for walking and cycling projects in 2024. This includes almost €1m for the Safe Routes to School Programme for ten local schools which enables more children to walk, cycle and scoot to school.

In Kilkenny, €700,000 has been allocated to exciting ‘rapid build’ projects in Kilkenny. €400,000 of this will be used for making Freshford Road and Granges Road safer which is much needed. These projects will use new, simpler and more cost-effective methods to deliver improvements faster than traditional construction methods. €560,000 for the walking and cycling connection between Cootes Lane and the Ring Road is also included.

In Carlow, over €1.5m has been allocated to provide safe walking & cycling facilities on the Tullow Road and the Dublin Road. €500,000 has been allocated to provide a new pedestrian and cycle project connecting the SETU campus with Carlow town which will make it much easier for students to get around.

This funding isn’t just about new projects. We’re seeing investment into essential improvements such as street lighting, pedestrian crossings, bike parking and footpath upgrades. This should result in significant improvements to our public realm.

In addition to the €6 million allocation announced today, a further €1m has been allocated under the Bus Stop Enhancement Programme to provide bus shelters and improved information for passengers to make travelling on public transport easier and more comfortable.

The best towns in the world to live in are those with safe and attractive public spaces that are easy to walk and cycle around. It’s wonderful to see this idea being embraced by Irish towns again. With continued investment like this to help more people choose walking and cycling where possible, we can transform Carlow and Kilkenny.


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