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A Chara: Malcolm’s letter to voters April 2019

A chara

Beidh an tréimhse polaotíochta cúig bliana atá amach romhainn sa rialtas aitiúla chomh cinnúinach. Conas go bhfuilimid chun plé a dhéanamh mar tsochaí leis an ngéarcéim fuinnimh agus timpeallacht. Le fada an lá anois bhíos agus táim den tuarim go bhfuil an rialtas aitúla in san áit is fear chun an dúslán a shárú, mar cheannairí, mar fhreastalaithe ar ghníomhaiochas agus dar ndóigh na hathruithe atá á dhéanamh ar an gcóras.

The next five-year cycle in local government will define how we collectively respond to the global climate and environmental crisis. It is my view that local government is best placed to respond to the crisis. A local government which has collective will, can lead and enable grassroots community activism and system change.

I envisage a Kilkenny City and County that is a model for local self reliance, for green, clean public transport, cycling/walking, food growing, local energy production and community resilience. All of these elements are needed if we are to meet the challenges and all are within our grasp.

Over my fifteen years in local government and as many before that as a community and environmental activist, I have worked collaboratively with people to help build that resilience.

I have never been as excited nor as energised by the lead being taken by Greta Thunberg and young climate activists all over the world. They are demanding that we shape a future that will be unrecognisable from the present world of consumption, unhappiness and environmental destruction. For the first time in many years, I see an awakening happening in communities.

I am excited and energised at the awakening that I see

This is our common home. The convergence of many crises will mean opening our doors to more people who need our support and shelter. I see a commonality in resolving the housing crisis, in keeping our town centres vibrant and in welcoming families seeking refuge from other countries. I want Kilkenny to continue to be a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds; because diversity is good for us all.

Kilkenny is privileged to have Cartoon Saloon, Design and Crafts Council initiatives and other creative enterprises bringing so much to our city. We can and should support this creativity; artists, makers and creative people who need both space to work and a decent living wage for that work.

‘At a political level, we must collectively respond to the thousands of Irish students who joined the global climate strike led by Greta Thunberg. Our response must be meaningful, committed, courageous and treated with the urgency it deserves. This is the least we owe our young people and children’

I need your number 1 vote or highest possible preference

So I want to continue my work as a public representative on your behalf. There are many projects which I am involved with, that I’d love to see through as I think they will be so very positive for the whole community.

I can only do this with your endorsement and support. I need you to trust me once again with your number one vote or highest possible preference on May 24th. In return, I will give you my assurance of continued hard work on your behalf, of continued collaboration with my colleagues of all parties and independents and continued collaboration with the staff of Kilkenny County Council to drive an ambitious programme to secure a shared and equitable future, where no one gets left behind.

Is mise



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