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€200,000 for Kilkenny under strand one of THRIVE fund

Kilkenny has today been announced as one of twenty-six town centres that are set to benefit from funding of up to €200K each under THRIVE: the Town Centre First Heritage Revival Scheme, having been designated a 'Key Town' under the €120 million initiative back in February.

THRIVE is a really important initiative that bolsters both our Town Centre First policy and our commitment to built heritage, as it supports local authorities, not only to protect and preserve underused heritage buildings, but also to ensure their long term sustainability through their renovation and adaptive reuse.

It also promotes increased public awareness and appreciation of the valuable built heritage in our town centres as part of the delivery of Town Centre First policy, allowing Local Authorities and citizens to reimagine and revitalise town centres though the renovation and reuse of publicly owned vacant or derelict heritage buildings. I'm naturally delighted to see Kilkenny progress as one of the first Key Towns under the initiative, and this initial tranche of THRIVE funding will facilitate the development of an integrated urban strategy using a Town Centre First Approach along with helping our local authority to identify suitable projects and ensure they are ready to commence capital works.

The next tranche of funding will support those capital works, helping to preserve, enhance, transform and celebrate some of our heritage buildings while rejuvenating Kilkenny city centre for generations to come.

As a Government we recognise that our regional towns and villages are the beating heart of rural Ireland, and we've placed a huge emphasis on the regeneration and rejuvenation of towns all across the country. As I travel across the country as Minister for Heritage I am seeing first hand the impact of the various initiatives which are underway to transform towns, making them even better places to live in, work in and visit. I very much look forward to seeing the impact this scheme will have on the 26 towns and city centres to be funded today, and here in my home town of Kilkenny I look forward to enjoying all the benefits that regeneration will bring as it strengthens the economic, social, and cultural vibrancy of our city centre.


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