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€2.7 million for local biodiversity projects in 2024 LBAF

With Carlow's Biodiversity Officer Shane Casey launching a 2023 LBAF-funded 'Hare's Corner' in Carlow last year.

  • 2.7 million Local Biodiversity Action Fund announced

  • 231 community projects funded across all 31 local authorities

  • 10 projects funded in Carlow, totalling €87,189

  • 13 Kilkenny projects funded, for a total of €94,031


To kick off National Biodiversity Week 2024 with a bang, I've announced our 2024 Local Biodiversity Action Fund today: €2.7 million in funding for local biodiversity projects across all 31 local authorities. This funding will enable local authorities across the country to carry out biodiversity projects and support the implementation of the 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan.


I'm delighted to say a total of €181,220 has been awarded to projects in Carlow and Kilkenny, including river restoration projects, otter and hedgehog surveys, control of invasive species, swift and barn owl projects, the creation of pond habitats, and recording of the Irish mayfly to establish their conservation status. 29 local authorities nationally will take part in an important two-year project recording the Irish mayfly, and both Carlow and Kilkenny will be participating.  


The Local Biodiversity Action Fund continues to be a hugely impactful scheme that directly supports local authorities and communities to deliver on Ireland’s national objectives for nature, from tackling invasive species to restoring habitats to awareness-raising, surveys and monitoring work. With this combined €2.7 million in funding, we're empowering more communities to do more for nature - and every project we’ve funded today is supporting the implementation of Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan at a community, county and regional level. Our local authorities have a vital role to play in restoring nature and as more Biodiversity Officers join the ranks of our local authorities through the Biodiversity Officer Programme, the impact of this fund will continue to grow. 


Looking after the nature that’s in our local areas is so important and we will all share in the benefits of having thriving, healthy nature around us. The locally-led projects supported or created through this Fund will improve people’s knowledge or awareness of their local biodiversity, contribute data that helps us understand how different species are doing, tackle invasive species and take hands-on measures to restore or create habitats. In all these ways the 231 community projects funded today will have a huge impact on the national effort to address the biodiversity crisis, including the 13 projects funded in Kilkenny and 10 in Carlow, and it’s fitting that we’re announcing these grants on the first day of National Biodiversity Week. There’s an incredible programme of events to be enjoyed over the next ten days and I would encourage everyone to visit and find a local event to enjoy and celebrate our local nature.


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