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Recycling Facilities Needed in Eastern Environs of Kilkenny

The lack of any recycling facilities on the Eastern Environs of Kilkenny is seriously hampering the efforts of communities in that area to recycle waste. Kilkenny Borough and County Councillor, Malcolm Noonan has asked that Kilkenny County Council would identify suitable secure sites for recycling facilities in the area.

‘This is one of the most densely populated areas of the City and it is essential that people living here, particularly those with no access to transport, have access to a full range of recycling facilities’ stated the Green Party Councillor. ‘While some uncertainty exists around markets for recyclables at the moment, this won’t always be the case. Kilkenny is well ahead of National and Regional Targets in terms of recycling and Kilkenny People are extremely conscious of the importance of reducing both the waste packaging they purchase and of reducing the waste they send to landfill’ he stated.

‘I have received a positive response from our Environment Section that facilities will be put in place following consultation and this will be a welcome step for communities in the area’ he said.

Meanwhile, Cllr Noonan has commended Kilkenny County Council staff at the Dunmore Civic Amenity Site for their work during and after the Christmas period where many people from the City and County go to recycle the large volumes of Christmas packaging. ‘By all accounts this was one of the busiest post Christmas recycling sprees at Dunmore and our staff there are so helpful and at all times courteous to customers. I would urge people in Kilkenny to continue their efforts in keeping Kilkenny at the top of the recycling league in the South East’ concluded Cllr Noonan.


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