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Later evening train announced for Kilkenny

I delighted today to share the news that Carlow and Kilkenny will soon be serviced by a later evening train and enjoy an additional service on Sundays!

In conjunction with the National Transport Authority, Irish Rail has published details today of planned timetable alterations which would come into effect from 25th August 2024 and has invited the public to submit feedback in advance of the finalisation of the new timetable.

There are several improvements to the existing timetable which are going to make life easier for everyone in Carlow and Kilkenny, and make the train a more viable and attractive option for more people. I've been working with my Green Party colleagues on improving train services in the area for some time so I am very pleased to see this work by myself and our Waterford Green TD Marc Ó Cathasaigh come to fruition in this new expanded service for the Dublin to Waterford line. 

One really important addition is the extension of the last train from Dublin to Carlow, which under the proposed new timetable would now continue to Waterford, servicing Kilkenny along the way. That means the last train leaving Dublin for Kilkenny will now depart at 8.20pm instead of 6:35, which is great news for commuters, tourists and day-trippers, and doesn’t just offer greater connectivity to those traveling Dublin to Kilkenny - it also offers an evening service from Carlow or Kilkenny on to Waterford, servicing Muine Bheag and Thomastown too.

Another key enhancement of the existing service is the addition of an extra Sunday service - currently we have four trains servicing the Carlow, Kilkenny and Waterford line; that will now be increased to five. 

What these changes recognise is that public transport is not just for work or commuting, rail is a fantastic way to travel for leisure too. These enhancements to the existing service will give more people greater freedom to move around on the weekends, to travel not just to Dublin but Waterford as well, and to enjoy more of what our region has to offer. And today’s announcement brings nation-wide improvements too which will be of benefit to everyone. The new hourly service to Belfast is a very welcome enhancement of an already popular service, and additional trains to Galway will open up the west for many more people. Combined with lower fares introduced by the Green Party we're making public transport a better, cheaper option, and with record high numbers now using public transport it's clear to see that investment is paying off.


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