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Green for go! The Carlow town bus is now in service!

30th July 2023

You wait years for a Carlow town bus route, then two come along at once!

There's big news for Carlow today as the two new #Carlow town bus routes are officially in service, putting 94% of Carlow town’s population within 800m of a bus stop, and 68% within 400m! That's easy access to a seven-day-a-week, eighteen-hour-a-day, half hourly bus service, for an affordable adult fare of just €1.10 and 55c for a child, student or anyone with a Young Adult LEAP card. That single fare will also allow you to interchange between the two routes, and free travel cards will be accepted.

Back in June I was one of the first people to trial route CW1 and as I outline below in more detail, I really believe this will be transformational for the town.

With more and more people now looking for a viable alternative to the car for some of their journeys, we know we need to make it cheaper and easier for people to choose public transport, and that's what the Green Party is committed to doing: providing that alternative that gives people options.

From today, routes CW1 and CW2 will provide unprecedented connectivity for Carlow, and an affordable option for people to get to, across and around the town. There are early morning services to link people to those first interurban rail and bus services, and the last bus will run around midnight. With this regularity of service, the interconnectivity of the two routes, and the affordability of the fares I think this will be transformative for the people of Carlow.


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